Gelacan Champion is a feed supplement with collagen, Spirulina, lecithin, biotin and other trace elements and vitamins needed for nutrition and regeneration of the skin and hair.

Gelacan Champion should be used regularly as a supportive nutritional supplement for optimal skin and hair nutrition. Feeding Gelacan Champion promotes the growth and quality of the coat, helps improve pigmentation of the hair and nose and improves the overall condition of the dog.
Gelacan Champion is designed especially for show dogs, where it improves the quality and pigmentation of the coat, increase its density and shine. It is also suitable for dogs with poor quality of the coat. Improvement of the skin and hair nutrition also brings very good results to a wide range of skin problems.


  • for nutrition, regeneration and improvement of skin and hair quality
  • for show dogs to promote hair and nasal sponges pigmentation
  • in case of poor quality of the hair
  • in case of hair loss
  • in case of dry skin

FORM: powder - 500 g

RECOMMENDED DOSAGE: 5 g for 10 kg of a dog weight

List of ingredients: hydrolysed collagen (56 %), lecithin, calcium carbonate, spirulina, magnesium oxide, sodium monofluorophosphate

Additives in 1 kg - nutritional additives: ferrum (ferrum and amino acids chelate n-hydrate) 2700 mg, zinc (zinc and amino acids chelate n-hydrate) 6400 mg, manganese (manganese and amino acids chelate n-hydrate) 440 mg (220 mg in Gelacan Champion for black and white dogs), copper (copper and amino acids chelate n-hydrate) 320 mg, iodine (potassium iodide) 66 mg, vitamin C 12000 mg, vitamin E 2000 mg, pantothenic acid 100 mg, vitamin B6 44 mg, vitamin B12 200 mcg, folic acid 8000 mcg, biotin 400000 mcg, beta-carotene 1000 mg - only Gelacan Champion for colorfull dogs.

Mandatory declared qualities: crude protein 55 %, crude fibre 0,4 %, crude oils and fats 10 %, crude ash 9 %.

Composition in daily dose per 10 kg of a dog: collagen peptides 2800 mg, Spirulina 400 mg, lecithin 1000 mg, calcium 42,5 mg, magnesium 10 mg, ferrum 13,5 mg, zinc 32 mg, manganese 2,2 mg (1,1 mg in Gelacan Champion for black and white dogs), copper 1,6 mg, iodine 0,33 mg, fluorine 0,1 mg, vitamin C 60 mg, vitamin E 10 mg, vitamin B5 0,5 mg, vitamin B6 0,22 mg, vitamin B12 1 mcg, folic acid 40 mcg, biotin 2000 mcg

Feeding instructions: Use this feedeing supplement for for skin and hair nutrition. It is suitable to use the product daily for at least 2 months. Long-term administration is possible.

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