UNESCO prize for lifetime achievement in medical science

Geladrink preparation, is patented in 1992 in Ústí nad Orlicí. Its inventor Professor MUDr. Milan Adam DrSc, Drh.c. stood out as a world leading expert on rheumatology and biochemistry of connective tissues. Whole his life he pursued prevention and treatment of locomotor system of children and adults. The importance of Milan Adam´s scientific and research work has exceeded our borders for decades and it is appreciated mainly abroad.

A very valuable and original knowhow of the company – referred by Professor Adam – lies in the field of treatment of osteoarthritis, osteoporosis and other diseases of locomotor and ligamentous systems by collagen peptides. This knowhow is the base for the development and production of GELADRINK® BRAND collagen arthronutraceutics with positive physiologic effects on joints and locomotor system health. Their spectrum creates the “System of intensive care for painful joints”.

Although Professor Adam was a member of New York Academy of Science, he lived and worked in Czech Republic. Therefore the largest expansion of collagen preparations, that bring relief to many people with locomotor system diseases, has taken place right here. In 2003 UNESCO prize for lifetime achievement in medical science was awarded to Professor Adam.

Another eminent expert collaborating with Professor Adam is Professor MUDr. Karel Pavelka, DrSc., head of the Clinic of Rheumatology in Prague. Under his leadership a big clinical study was conducted according to principles of Evidence Based Medicine. The tested food supplement was Geladrink®Forte. This study and its conclusion, that Geladrink® Forte is an effective against painful knee arthrosis, was accepted into Abstracts in the congress of European League against Rheumatism (EULAR) in 2007 in Barcelona. Based on this preparation and its efficacy the most complex novelty PERPETUUM Geladrink® intended for active people and athletes was developed.

The efficacy of the brand GELADRINK preparations are verified by clinical studies conducted in various ways – as pilot studies or studies according to Evidence Based Medicine. The preparations have been also subjected to 21 years lasting clinical practice and have been used by patients for self-medication of joint diseases. Newly obtained findings are used for innovation and development of new preparations for human and veterinary application.

Health as a prevention of rheumatic diseases emergence in words of Professor Adam

An ordinary man who achieved extraordinary things - yes, that was Professor Adam. And as such he tried to solve the “ordinary” problems of the ordinary people but in an extraordinary way. He did not speak uselessly, but always tried to solve the arisen situation. If he talked about a danger of an insidious osteoarthrosis and osteoporosis, he always had a few solutions and recommendations how to prevent their emergence, or at least slow down or reduce their progression.

He supposed that the rheumatic diseases have socioeconomic and medical meanings. Therefore he believed that an early prevention or at least partial elimination of these diseases can greatly decrease the expenditure on their complications and significantly decrease a rate of disability and death, which is even higher than gynecology cancers death rate. It would be very useful for our hectic times, when the rheumatic diseases spread literally at lightning speed and do not attack only the midlife of advanced age people. No, the rich experiences of Professor Adam prove that more and more young people, unlike 30 years ago for example, come to the doctor´s office with a back pain. Why is it so? According to Professor the clear fact is to blame: the contemporary youth, mainly in Prague, has not enough opportunities for cultivation of their muscular system. The physical training in schools is usually insufficient as well as the opportunity to do sports. Why do the young people suffer from the same diseases as their parents and grandparents? There are a few reasons there: primarily it is the technologies – mainly computers - that are used to the exclusion of activities in the fresh air and the physical exercises are underestimated in general. Professor Adam solves the “reverse side” again and searches for the fastest and the most effective way back or out. Back means to find a method for prevention of dangerous rheumatic diseases. He can see it only in a healthy lifestyle and he encourages his patients in living such a life!

Sport for Health

Instead of more drugs and chemicals professor recommends the only thing: a healthy lifestyle. This is really an effective prevention of rheumatic diseases. The most important rule is the continuous stimulation of our organism, because as it is said: “sport for health”. MUDr. Adam emphasizes the importance of sport, physical exercises and physical work, which we should not avoid. The attention should be payed to all this from our early childhood in order to allow our locomotor system evolve properly and to form a good muscular base including spine muscles. Body hardening by cold water is equally important for building a strong immunity. Immunity also plays an important role in prevention of rheumatic diseases – individuals with a weak immune system suffer from frequent infections, which is a big warning signal. In such case it is essential to supply the organism with vitamin C and enough of UV radiation, which affects the metabolism of vitamin D and has a very positive effect. No less important is to take care of yourself and be careful – Professor emphasizes that small work or sport injuries can manifest not until a later age. The sufficient consumption of proteins like tendons, gristles or aspic can help – these proteins favorably influence the metabolic processes in an organism. A certain degree of temperance is also an inseparable part of the healthy lifestyle.

A healthy mind in a healthy body

“A healthy mind in a healthy body” - the fact that counted in past, counts now and will count forever. In this spirit Professor Adam prefers massages, rehabilitation and physiotherapy, which cheers up our psyche, to taking pills of various kind. He speaks primarily about spa's. Spa treatment brings a great relief. We have various natural sources – radioactive, thermal, mineral waters, fens plain or mineralized, mud etc. We do not need to look for help so far away: massages and ointments can be very effective, as well as regular physical exercises and strengthening. Professor talks about a whole range of exercises that can release painful muscles spasms. Warming up affected muscles or joints is also relieving: we can use Priessnitz compresses, solux or thermophores. Professor Adam has a few pieces of advice for those who suffer from spinal malfunction. Sleeping in a high-quality bad (flat, but not hard) is very important. On a hard bed painful muscles are continuously pressed and cause even more pain. Also good bedding with enough under one´s head is a great relief. And a visit of a sauna is also beneficial. In simple terms – according to Professor Adam physical procedures are significant part of a treatment and often more acceptable than taking pills.

Osteoporosis is not fully curable, but it is possible to delay its onset and alleviate its course

There are also other ways how to support a protection against the very harmful rheumatic diseases. Professor Adam talks mainly about an early prevention – and although the healthy lifestyle plays a significant role, it would not succeed alone in a struggle against insidious rheumatic diseases. Professor focuses our attention to nutrition of a locomotor system – to nutrition of the connective tissues by the connective tissues, collagen by collagen. This procedure is the base of a method, which was already practiced by a famous medieval mystic and visionary Hildegarde from Bingen.

We can replace 4.5 kg of veal legs a day by 10 g of collagen peptides, which contain the corresponding amount of native collagen for nutrition of the connective tissues of the locomotor system. People with a congenital inclination to osteoporosis or those with a joint prosthesis surgery hold or to be held should pay a special attention to bones nutrition. Special rehabilitations and practice of walking in a pool are also necessary to begin with. The joint should not be overstressed by a long standing or walking. Jumping movements, which are very harmful to our joints, should be reduced with the first signs of a coming disease.

“We can only wish people would not risk their health and young people would bear a future in mind. Indeed we cause many of the rheumatic disorders ourselves” says Professor Adam. Preventive protection and joint nutrition before a disease appearance can make the following years more pleasant. As Professor says - osteoporosis is not fully curable, but it is possible to delay its onset and alleviate its course and postpone the necessity of the joint prosthesis, lifespan of which is about 15 years.



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