If you are interested in working with metals, this category will be the right one for you as it contains metalworking projects.

Free metalworking projects

The term ‘metalworking’ means working with metals, i.e., their transformation into something that has use value. This above term combines several categories of processes: forming (forging, bending, extrusion...), cutting (milling, drilling, turning...), joining (welding, riveting…), and associated processes (plating, heat treatment…). In this category, all types of metalworking projects are published, except for welding projects which you can find in a separate category. Working with metals requires a lot of investment in machines and tools, and since we are involved in DIY projects, we try to focus on projects that do not require expensive machines. Mostly these will be projects that can also be done in less equipped workshops; if any parts need to be crafted on a machine that you don't have, e.g., on a milling machine or a lathe, you can always have them made by somebody else (for example, a small local company...). So, check out this collection of metalworking projects, pick one you like and try to follow through on it. We hope that you will send us pictures of your finished projects, because we will be given clear evidence that our work has not been in vain, and that we have helped some of you to create something  thanks to our plans.


On this page you are introduced to two ways of making a ball catch from various leftovers or waste that you can find in your workshop.

On this page we are offering you two plans to help you create bevel gauges for checking sharpening and most common angles.

On this page you can find free plans and drawings to help you make several variants of bike racks (or Bike stands, bicycle stands).

Here is a plan to help you make a chess set whose chessmen are made from used standard parts (nuts and bolts fasteners).


On this page you are offered 11 different drawings of coat hook models which contain all the dimensions necessary for their making.

In this free metalworking plan, we have presented how to make a coat rack from tube of square cross-section measuring 25mm x 15mm.

Here is a plan or idea of how to make a construction set for sheet-metal scale model making.

With the free metalworking plan that you can download on this page you can make a Contour gauge.


On this page you can download free "do it yourself" project for the making of a curtain rod brackets from scrap.

This is a free plan for you to make a vise for your bench mount or floor mount drill press.

Here you can download free "do it yourself" project for making an engineer's sliding T bevel.

With the free project that you can download on this page you can make an engraving vice, one of the most commonly used tool of every engraver.

Here you are presented with a plan according to which you can make a very sturdy folding shelf bracket that can withstand high loads.

In the picture you can see 10 different ways to make handles from a variety of residues occurring after cutting tubes and beams.

On this page we present the free project for a simple sheet metal bench shear manufacture, which should be an integral part of every metalworking shop.

Here you can download a free metalworking project for making a sliding barrel bolt latch from scrap.

With the free DIY project that you can download on this page you can make wrought iron spiral candlestick.

With this plan you can make a very simple standing press. The plan was made on the basis of a press seen in a workshop.

The free metalworking plan presented here contains drawings with which you can make a trammel, i.e., a beam compass.

On this page you are offered a plan for a  tool holder rack from scrap that can be mounted on the wall.

In this free metalworking project you can find drawings that can help you make a ‘wheelchair accessible picnic table’.

On this page you can see free metalworking plans for making several tools with which you can quickly and efficiently bend wire into various shapes.

Here you can download a plan for making a wire puzzle. The wire puzzle, as its very name suggests, is made from wire and consists of two or several interlocked parts.