Supplementary feed with collagen CHP, selenium, vitamin E, rutin, vitamin C and amino acids for support of muscles function, for increased tissues blood circulation, for protection of muscles and ligaments against free peroxyl radicals created during a physical strain.

Selenium and vitamin E are the substances necessary for a proper muscles function. Insufficient amount of these substances in a feeding dose results in degeneration of muscle fibers, in loss of efficiency or even in an obvious tying up syndrome. 

Collagen peptides CHP (Collagen Hydrolysate Peptides) supply with amino acids and peptides important for creation, regeneration and maintaining of muscle fibers structure. 

Rutin is a natural bioflavonoid with a high antioxidant activity. It increases firmness of capillaries and regulates their permeability. It inhibits oxidation of fats, protects hemoglobin against oxidation and stabilizes erythrocyte membranes. 

Vitamin C increases resistance against infections, strengthens vessels and capillaries, influences cells breathing, speeds up injuries heeling and removes fatigue.

Wheat gluten contains a high amount of branched-chain amino acids leucine, isoleucine and valine. They support synthesis of proteins and reduce degradation of muscle proteins. Administration of these substances prevents from loss of muscle tissue after an injury and muscle damage.


  • for support of muscles function
  • against pain and inflammations of muscles, muscles diseases
  • for protection of muscle tissues during a physical strain
  • for protection of organism against free peroxyl radicals
  • in case of an increased need for selenium and vitamin E

FORM: 1800 g


  • in case of muscle problems: 40 – 60 g a day
  • sport horses during the time of maximal training: 40 g a day
  • horses in light training and outside training: 20 g a day
  • mares that are not pregnant and mares up to 7 months of pregnancy: 20 g a day
  • pregnant mares from the 7th month of pregnancy: 40 g a day
  • mares during lactation: 60 g a day
  • foals up to 1 year of age: 10 g a day
  • young horses aged 12-24 months: 20 g a day

List of ingredients: hydrolysed collagen (50 %), wheat gluten, Sophora japonica, Cinnamon

Additives in 1 kg - nutritional additives: selenium (organic form of selenium produced by Saccharomyces cerevisiae CNCM I-3060) 50000 mcg, vitamin C 75000 mg, vitamin E 50000 mg

Composition in daily dose 40 g: collagen peptides 20000 mg, selenium 2000 mcg, vitamin E 2000 mg, vitamin C 3000 mg, rutin 300 mg, leucine 700 mg, isoleucine 400 mg, valine 400 mg

List of ingredients – biosol: hydrolysed collagen (26 %), Sophora japonica

Additives in 1 l - nutritional additives: selenium (organic form of selenium produced by Saccharomyces cerevisiae CNCM I-3060) 2667 mcg, vitamin C 40000 mg, vitamin E 26667 mg

Composition in daily dose 75 ml: collagen peptides 22000 mg, selenium 2000 mcg, vitamin E 2000 mg, vitamin C 3000 mg, rutin 300 mg

Feeding instructions: Serve daily to supplement the needs of selenium and vitamin E. The product is suitable for daily use in all groups of horses with a low diet of selenium and vitamin E, pregnant and lactating mares, newborn foals, all intensively trained horses and horses with muscle problems.

Gelapony® Selenium does not contain any substances considered to be horses doping.
Its administration is unlimited during the sport preparation and during the races.

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