Gelacan® Darling contains collagen peptides CHP that nourish and regenerate joint cartilages, tendons, ligaments and bones and reduce or even eliminate the impacts of previous insufficient nourishment or joint damages and their deformations.

They prevent form further loss of cartilages, improve mobility and reduce pain. Contained vitamins, minerals and trace elements in a balanced ratio properly enrich a feeding dose. Optimal ratio of active ingredients increases dog vitality, improves a body condition and speeds up organism regeneration.


  • in case of problems of systems
  • for regeneration of joint cartilages, bones and ligaments
  • in case of tendons diseases and injuries
  • in case of hip dysplasia
  • after surgeries and for wound heeling
  • for prolongation of active age of a dog
  • for fortification of feeding dose by vitamins, trace elements and minerals

FORM: biosol - 500 ml

RECOMMENDED DOSAGE: 1,5 g for 10 kg of a dog weight.

List of ingredients - biosol: hydrolysed collagen (47 %), maltodextrins, sodium dihydrogenphosphate, calcium chloride, magnesium oxide

Additives in 1 l - nutritional additives: selenium (organic form of selenium produced by Saccharomyces cerevisiae CNCM I-3060) 1000 mcg, beta-carotene 52500 mcg, vitamin C 1300 mg, vitamin E 1000 mg

Technological additives: potassium-sorbate, 

Sensory additives: caramel

Mandatory declared qualities: crude protein 45 %, crude fibre 0 %, crude oils and fats 0 %, crude ash 2 %, moistness 46 %

Composition in daily dose per 10 kg of a dog: collagen peptides 3000 mg, calcium 31 mg, phosphorus 31 mg, magnesium 6,5 mg, selenium 5 mcg, provitamin A – beta-carotene 263 mcg, vitamin C 6,5 mg, vitamin E 5 mg

Feeding instructions: Use this feedeing supplement to reduce troubles of dog locomotor system. It is suitable to use the preparation daily for at least 2 – 3 months. At the beginning the dose may be increased or even tripled. It is possible to repeat the treatment two or three times a year. Long-term administration is possible.

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