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People need to have an idea of what the nanofibres are capable of in accepting the new quality they bring

Nanofibres represent cylindrical structures of diameters up to 100 nanometers (1nm = 0.00001mm or several thousand times thin hair) and lengths from several nanometers to several millimeters. The nano fiber structural unit is made of a graphite board consisting of pure carbon atoms interconnected in a hexagon.

Nanofiber with the active substance in itself

Nano vlakna

Properties of nanofibers that do not have competition

This fibers, invisible to the human eye, carry an active substance in a different way from other masks and protect them from external influences until the mask touch the skin. Active substances are released from the vast surface of the fibers and entered homogeneously and safely into the skin. At the same time, these nanofibres prevent contamination of the skin from external dirt. This is just one of the many advantages of nanotechnology.

Properties of nanofibers in cosmetology and anti-aging


  • Mechanical protection of the tissue in the treated region
    Nano fibers have the ability, without disturbing the structure of the cell wall, to insert the active substance directly into the skin cell, as opposed to all other methods. Preserving cell integrity is important because of the potential for infection.
  • Preservation of the physiological microflora of the skin
    Nanofiber mask does not disturb the natural microflora of the skin, which has the function of preserving the skin’s acidity (Ph = 5.5) and prevents other pathogens (bacteria and fungi) to occur on the skin. Poor and inadequate treatments with shampoos, baths, and soaps can drastically disturb the natural microflora of the skin. This results in the development of streptococcal infections that are very difficult to cure.
  • Prevention of microorganism contamination
    With their non-invasiveness and non-degradation of the natural microflora of the skin the nanofiber masks provide complete microbiological protection of the skin from pathogenic microorganisms during and after treatment.
  • Preservation of tissue moisture
    During the treatment, the natural moisture of the treated region (skin) is not disturbed.
  • Complete exchange of gases and liquids
    During the treatment, no matter what happens, the cells continue to have normal physiological communication.
  • Continuity in movement, breathing and formation of new cells (proliferation)
  • The absorption of fluids caused by inflammation processes (exudate)

Biocompatibility of nanofibers

Carbon is one of the six (6) elements (oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, calcium and phosphorus) from which 99% of the human body is made.

Since nanofibers are made of pure carbon, these are not only fully biocompatible with the human body, but by their application there is no possibility of an allergic reaction.

From all of the above, it can be seen that the application of nanofibres has introduced a revolution in cosmetology and anti-aging. The possibilities for their application are almost unlimited. Every day labs around the globe show the new and incredible results of their application. It is already known now that in the near future, using nanofibers will be able to intervene, not at the cell level (as before), but at the level of molecules inside the cell.

Welcome to the incredible nano world.

Nanofiber masks

Nanofiber masks are a thick nanofiber network that allows active substances to be delivered quickly and efficiently to all skin cells in the treated region.

Nanofiber maske

Nanofiber masks are designed as:

  • Therapeutic Masks – The active substances are already inside the nanofibres
  • Universal inertial masks – enable the active substance to be introduced using vitamins, amino acids, enzymes, hyaluronic acid, antibiotics, drugs, herbal extracts, phosphatidyl holing PPC, botox, Lidocaine, painkillers, etc., without the use of a needle. Also, universal masks have the potential to influence faster healing of the wound, to soothe skin after invasive methods (plasma, lifting) and to absorb fluid generated by inflammatory processes (exudate).


nanofiber maska lice

The face

nanofiber maska vrat


nanofiber maska dekolte



Nanofiber masks are completely biodegradable.

They do not contain: colors, preservatives and perfumes.

Nanofiber masks have not been tested on animals.

Nanofiber masks are easy to use. They are well adhering to cleansed skin. They have high content of active substances. Their application lasts 8-15 minutes, and after removal it is not necessary to apply additional creams or serums. After 60 minutes, makeup is allowed.

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