The first smart sheet mask

The only dry mask based on nanotechnology.


Regenerate & Revitalize


This mask contains a unique combination of seven vitamins and antioxidants, which in many studies have successfully shown reparative, protective and anti-aging effects.


Moisturize & Rejuvenate


Your mask for days when your skin is dry and tired. A reliable combination of antioxidants (vitamin C, vitamin E), hyaluronic acid and gluconolactone will make you shine again.




Perfect choice for irritated and dry skin. Have you used too many cosmetics on your skin? We have a solution.


We present a new concept for skin care.

In contact with moistened skin, a nanofibrous transport system, which delivers active substances extremely quickly and efficiently in the skin, is activated.


8 minutes for complete treatment


Put the mask on a wet face, wait 8 minutes...


100% utilized active substances from the mask

Mask that saves your time

One of the problems of classic facial masks is undoubtedly impractical and long-lasting application.

Using the nanofiber mask you get the perfect look and 23 hours and 52 minutes of time available.

A mask that is really effective

The patented nano-fiber technology is the result of a six-year study of the effective transfer of substances into the skin.

Nanofiber mask carefully protects the active substances that are contained within the individual fibers and releases them only when they stick to your skin. Therefore, the nutrition for your skin is available equally and in the range of 100%.

Application of nanofiber mask

Their application is simple and easy. The treatment lasts 8 minutes, and the results of the treatment are visible immediately.


Effect of nanofiber mask

The effect of the nanofiber mask is immediate

Before treatment

After treatment


Nano fibers are made of pure carbon, which is the second element in the representation of the human organism.

This allows nanofiber masks to be hypoallergenic - under any condition they can not cause skin allergic reactions.

Nanofiber masks do not contain colors, preservatives and perfumes.


Nanofiber masks are completely biodegradable and do not belong to a group of biohazardous medical waste.

You can dispose your mask in a garbage bin without fear of environmental damage.

The main advantages of the dry nanofiber mask

Pleasant and clean handling

Suitable for all types of skin

Application for a maximum of 8 minutes

100% efficiency of transfer of substances

The mask has not been tested on animals

Masks are hypoallergenic

No parabens, perfumes, colors, stabilizers

What makes nanofibres unique?

Less = More

Common masks contain almost 90% water and glycerin together with additives such as scents, acrylates, silicones and other additives that can irritate your skin. In nanofiber masks, you will not find any of the previously listed supplements. We are responsible for claiming that less - more - means less unnecessary ingredients and more effect for your skin.

8 minute application

We know that your treatment is not just our mask, so we care to do it quickly.

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