Discover everything that [n] fibrecare has to deliver in our nine-piece box. Use one mask a week as recommended for brilliantly healthy, glowing skin!

Mix & Match

9 Face Masks

Product description:

Nine masks, three formulations, used just once a week adds up for gorgeous, glowing skin. The perfect gift (for yourself or for others *wink*), our Mix & Match box will have you covered. Containing three each of the Regenerating and Revitalizing Mask, Hydrating and Rejuvenating Mask, and the Skin Conditioning Mask, your skin will thank you.

Package contains:

3 x Regenerating & Revitalizing mask
3 x Hydrating & Rejuvenating mask
3 x Skin Conditioning mask

Why our mask is different:

Our perfectly formulated masks, along with our unique nanofibre technology give your skin an experience like it’s never had before.

Skin types:

Designed for all skin types, our sheet masks are perfect to use alongside any serum that you want your skin to make the most of. Our recommended usage is once to twice a week for best results.

How to use:

Apply the dry mask to clean, makeup-free skin. Applying the mask to slightly damp skin boosts penetration of the skin-nourishing ingredients, enhancing the already potent brightening and nourishing effects. Skin can be prepped with thermal water or your favorite hydrating essence or serum to enhance the mask’s effects. The mask only needs 8 minutes to work - perfect for party prep, or even post-party the morning after to make last night look like it never happened!

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