In this category you can find plans by which you can make various types of tables. Since here you can find drawings of both very simple and very complex tables, the collection is intended not only for amateurs and enthusiasts, but also for professionals.

A table can be defined as a piece of furniture consisting of a flat horizontal surface that usually rests on vertical supports. The horizontal surface, which is called a table top, serves to perform various activities in a sitting or standing position. The vertical supports are called the legs, and there must be at least three of them provided that the table top is not attached to the wall. As for the table design, it can be changed in a number of ways; consequently, there is a very large number of table types - you can change the shape of the table top, the leg shape, number of legs, overall dimensions, you can add drawers, it can be folding, collapsible, hung on the wall, it can be used as a kitchen table, garden table, work table, etc. This collection is formed from the plans that we have drawn for making several types of tables, and offered to you for free to download.

- 17 ways to fasten a tabletop


Here is a free woodworking plan for making a sturdy seating set designed for your backyard or garden.

If you need a strong and durable seating set for your yard, kitchen or tavern, on this page you can find a plan by which you can make one just as described.

With the free woodworking plan that you can download on this page you can make simple center table with glass table top.

If you like fixing things around the house, and your child or grandchild goes to primary school, why don’t you make them happy with an childs homework desk.

Here you can download a plan for making a Collapsible backyard seating set. The complete seating set is made from 32mm thick plywood.

Here you are offered a free woodworking plan according to which you can make one of the simplest possible garden seating set – Decorative wooden picnic table.

With the free furniture making project that you can download on this page you can make a coffee table in Mashrabiya style.

Download a plan for the making of a fold-out patio table with a fabric roof cover. You can use it in the garden or as a display stand at the craft fair.

With the free furniture making project that you can download on this page you can make beautiful gateleg table (thousand leg table).

If you want to make the simplest possible coffee table that is also collapsible, here you are presented with such a construction.

This is a plan by which you can make a lager seating set. We call it ‘lager’ because seating sets like this one are often found in ‘beer houses’ - pubs.

If you need an all-purpose table that will come in handy for various needs, then the occasional table that you can make according to this plan is the ideal choice for you!

With the woodworking plan that you can download on this page you can make a wall-mounted drop-leaf folding table.

In our free woodworking plan we present you a drawing board with adjustable height and top drafting board angle, so you can use it while sitting as well as in the standing position.