Here you will find woodworking plans for making folding stools, camping and fishing stools, tripod stools, step stools...

Historically speaking, stools are one of the oldest forms of the wooden furniture, and it is known that they existed in Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece and Rome, though their origin is lost in time. Stools are mostly the seating furniture and their construction is very simple – with the characteristic lack of arms and back, with a single seat and one to five legs. There are few interesting historical facts about this detail: In the past, the kind of chair that someone used indicated his social status. Thus, in the medieval Europe the stools were used mostly by the ordinary people, while the most important people in the society were sitting on real chairs (a seat with back). In Africa, the stool represented the „office“of a tribal chief.

Stools are one of the simplest pieces of furniture that you can make, but it is quite fascinating that there are so many different forms of this simple assemblage. The practical value of this type of furniture is exceptionally high. Stools can be used for sitting, as a stand, to put your legs when sitting on the chair, you can step on it to reach some things on a high place or it can help a small child to reach the sink in the bathroom... One of the major advantages of the stools compared to the other furniture is that they are small and lightweight, so they can be easily moved around. In general, stools (except for some bar stools) have no back rest and they are not designed to enjoy while sitting, but for the work.

You can modify design of our stool plans to satisfy the individual taste, but you can also change their dimensions in order to adjust the stools to your needs and purpose. 


We present to you the camping stool plan by which you can – if you make it well – make universal wooden camping stool that will last for years.

The collapsible stool, the plan of which you are  offered here,  is very handy for anyone who needs a reliable stool that can be quickly disassembled to save space in the house or during transportation.

On this page you can download 3 plans that can help you make wooden collapsible stools with storage compartment.

This is a plan and a 3D model for making a very simple stool, which we called the compact stool because it consists of only three, but quite massive parts.

A footstool is one of the most useful piece of furniture. This free woodworking plan will show you how to build a dovetail footstool.

You are looking at the folding stool plan for a simple stool, which is very easy to make and has shown very good results.

The folk art stool plan which you can download here contains drawings of each part, exploded view, assembly drawing and parts list.

Here is a free project to help you make several varieties of beautiful and very practical footstools adorned with scroll saw legs.

Here is a plan for making a really nice and practical stool. We named it ’Hexagon Stool’ because its seat is of hexagonal shape.

With this plan you can make a multi-purpose kitchen stool, a practical addition to your kitchen.

On this page, we present you a free DIY project for making a piano stool, a perfect seat for playing the piano.

In this woodworking project we present a stool which is not only very pleasing in design, but is extremely useful.

In this free woodworking plan we present a rustic stool which is not only very pleasing in design, but is extremely useful.

This plan can help you create a beautiful and practical stool named the Shogun stool, because stools of similar shape and construction have been often seen in Japan throughout history. 

Here we are presenting a woodworking plan that will allow you to make a simple and practical stool that we named the Timber stool.

This tripod stool is a very good project for beginners, and it is a piece of furniture that will prove very useful after it is made.

This turned wood stools set includes six variations of exquisite sculptural shaped stools.

Here is a free woodworking plan for the making of a simple stool that we named ’useful stool’, but essentially it is a type of stool usually known as ’saddle stool’.

We present you the 3-legged (tripod) folding fishing stool plan for all the nature and fishing lovers that would like to make it by themselves.

Our x-frame stool plan represents one of the simpler medieval stools, and if you decide to make it, you will get a very practical and beautiful multipurpose stool.