“Craft Fair Ideas” is a collection of plans created to help beginners turn their metalworking and woodworking hobby into a permanent work-at-home job.

This is a collection of interesting and useful items that you can make in your workshop and sell at various local fairs, exhibitions, farmers markets, etc. It is important to note that our license allows the sales of items made using our plans at craft fairs, but batch production and online sales are prohibited.


The Alpine Stabelle chair you see in the picture is an exceptional example of folk furniture and is intended for everyone who wants to breathe the beauty of the old European country style into their home.

Here is a free woodworking plan according to which you will be able to make an expandable coat rack that is mounted on the wall.

On this page you can find three free woodworking plans that you can use for making swings intended for children aged 3 to 4 and above.

Plan for making wooden appetizer set includes one wooden snack plate and three variants of chip and dip bowls.

On this page you can download free "do it yourself" project for the making of a coat stand with umbrella holder.

Here you can download a free woodworking plan for the making of a Curtain hangers.

With the free woodworking plan that you can download on this page you can make a Decorative wooden nutcracker, a perfect craft fair item to sell.

Download a plan for the making of a fold-out patio table with a fabric roof cover. You can use it in the garden or as a display stand at the craft fair.

You are looking at the folding stool plan for a simple stool, which is very easy to make and has shown very good results.

This home wooden foot massager with rollers is designed by the ancient principle of reflexology to stimulate nerve endings on your feet.

Here you can download drawings with which you can make 8 different versions of garden tools known as ‘dibber’, ‘dibble’ or ‘dibbler’.

On this page you can download a free woodturning project called Hat and coat rack in turned work.

The hobby horse is one of the oldest known toys. In our hobby horse plan we presented two versions of this old folk toy.

In front of you is the dovetail joint puzzle plan. This puzzle at a first glance look like object that is impossible to manufacture – and the task is to discover how it is made.

We offer the plan for a very simple kitchen chopping board in two sizes. This plan is just an idea, and you can adjust the dimensions to your needs.

We are presenting you plan for the Classic wooden kitchen cutting board that you can make very quickly and it will last for years.

The wooden objects on the images below are just the three examples of the endless possibilities to achieve some interesting woodturning patterns and shapes of decorative wooden rotational objects.

If you have a CNC laser cutting machine and want to make this fretwork corner shelf, on this page you can download all the necessary files for its production.

This is a project with which you can make the famous solid dissection puzzle known as the Soma cube.

Napkin ring is a circular band used to hold a particular person's napkin neatly before a meal begins. We are offering the plan for wooden napkin ring in several variations.

Here we have presented three versions of the oven rack push pull stick, which you can also easily cut by hand using a copy saw if there is no scroll saw or laser cutting machine available.

On this page, drawings are available for you with the help of which you can make an essential tool in painting – the painting palette.

Here you can download 3 drawings according to which you can make 3 different rolling pin foot massagers.

We are offering you the plans for several types of rolling pins: Bakers rolling pin, Pastry rolling pin and Tortilla rolling pin.

In this free woodworking plan we present a rustic stool which is not only very pleasing in design, but is extremely useful.

With this plan you can make an old Russian folk toy invented by the fishermen on the shores of the White Sea.

On this page you can download plans that can help you make three simple toys on wheels, an eco-friendly and natural toys which will be loved by your little ones.

If you like burr puzzles, here are four plans to help you create different six-piece burr puzzles, which represent the most famous, and probably the oldest type of burr puzzles.

In the plan that is offered here you can find drawings to help you make two variants of sliding lid boxes.

We give you here the free plan of an authentic functional castle spinning wheel, a convenient tool to start spinning yarn.