If you want to make something in the workshop, but have no experience in designing, or just have no idea what to make exactly, then check out this collection of free projects!

You will probably find something interesting to make. If you look carefully at all the categories, you will see that they contain projects of varying levels of complexity, which means that we have tried to adapt them equally to amateurs, enthusiasts, and professionals. You will also see projects tailored to various levels of workshop equipment, so first you need to make sure that the project you have chosen is suited to the machines and tools you have in your workshop. If you dislike the way how we have categorized the projects on this page, click on the ‘Free Projects’ main menu, and there you’ll find a completely different categorization of the same projects. On the right side, there is also a project type categorization where you can select projects by craft type or production technology.


This collection of free woodworking plans and projects features a collection of benches in different designs that any moderately skilled craftsman can build.


If you are looking for projects that can help you make chairs, here is a collection that includes all the chair plans that we have drawn so far.

“Craft Fair Ideas” is a collection of plans created to help beginners turn their metalworking and woodworking hobby into a permanent work-at-home job.

If you like to enjoy a beautiful garden or yard, then you are probably in the right place because here you are offered a large collection of projects for the production of various patio furniture and accessories.

This collection of plans is called ‘For Fun’ because the items you can create with them will give you, your family and friends long hours of fun and play.

If you are into sports and/or take care of your health, here are all the projects that may be useful to you.

This is a free plans category where we have put all the plans that show you how to make various practical items for your house. In it you will find plans for making furniture pieces, boxes, etc.

If you want to create something in the workshop to make your little one(s) happy,  but you have no clue what it should be, check out this collection of projects for kids and choose the one you like.

This collection of projects is called “For Outdoors”, simply because everything that you can make following the plans is meant to be ‘in the open’: various things for your yard or garden, parks, playgrounds, the beach ...

This is a collection of plans that you can use to create all kinds of items and pieces of furniture that may be useful for you at work.

If you enjoy making DIY hand tools, indulge yourselves then - choose a plan from this collection, and create a new hand tool for your workshop.

If you are looking for a plan to create something that will be a gift for your family members, friends or colleagues, then it pays to look at the projects in this collection.

This collection of projects is for all who want to start or are already pursuing a hobby. It includes not only hobby projects but also plans to help you make various tools and equipment that can help you with your hobby.

If you want to make some useful or decorative item for your home, with this category of projects that we have called ‘home accessories’ you are offered a large number of quality ideas.

In this category, we publish plans for making various types of planters. If you want to please someone who loves flowers, we recommend that you choose one of these projects; make a planter in your workshop and give it as a gift to that person.

After drawing a lot of plans for creating seating sets, we have grouped them into a separate category and offered them for you to download.

If you want to make a shelf, but have no clear idea what it should be like, why don’t you try making one from our collection (or at least use them to inspire you)!?

We have formed this collection of projects from all the plans we have drawn that can be used to create some sort of stands.

Here you will find woodworking plans for making folding stools, camping and fishing stools, tripod stools, step stools...

In this category you can find plans by which you can make various types of tables. Since here you can find drawings of both very simple and very complex tables, the collection is intended not only for amateurs and enthusiasts, but also for professionals.

Project type

This collection of laser cutting projects was created when we realized that there were many projects on our site suitable for laser cutting (scattered in many different categories, though).

If you are interested in working with metals, this category will be the right one for you as it contains metalworking projects.

This is a collection of welding projects, i.e., all the metalworking projects on our site that require from you to weld some parts to complete them.

In the woodturning projects category we have many free woodturning projects, which are suitable for both hobbyists and professional woodturners.

This is a large collection of free woodworking plans intended not only for amateurs and enthusiasts, but also for professionals.

Here you can download 3D models and plans for creating various things that have been modeled in free 3D CAD software FreeCAD.