The information and knowledge to be published here will come from a variety of technical fields, although mainly concerned with wood or metal processing, i.e., woodworking or metalworking.

This category is intended for beginners to supplement their knowledge and combine it with the knowledge gained from the books, while professionals are recommended to visit other categories of our site where they will find many interesting do-it-yourself projects, patterns for decorating objects they have made, and 3D models.

Unlike many modern jobs that imply the love for money and power, achieving goals at all costs without choosing the means, or an extroverted personality (media, influencers,...), in all technical professions or trades you need knowledge and experience the most. Gaining knowledge and experience is not enough in itself to become a successful craftsman or engineer, but you must also have a tremendous love for your chosen profession and a tremendous amount of patience to wait for the desired results.

Making an item with your own hands or designing a machine that works, in our opinion, gives a person much more satisfaction than making money by selling either of the two. That item or machine contains all the knowledge and skills you have mastered, while some other skills are manifested in sales. Of course, a large proportion of craftsmen and engineers have to sell their products, knowledge or skills in the marketplace, and this also should be kept in mind. All we want to say is that you will enjoy technology and crafts much more if you do not think too much about money. Unfortunately, the big question today is whether this is possible at all.

Nowadays, vast knowledge is available to everyone, and it is up to you whether you will use it. There are two main ways to acquire knowledge and skills for the technical or craft professions:

  •     regular way - through schools and colleges and
  •     independent way - by working with experienced master craftsmen or by self-studying.

There is a vast amount of knowledge published in various fields on the Internet today, and you need to invest some of your time to find the knowledge you need. It’s as simple as that! On our site, there are two categories dedicated to technical knowledge and experience,  a large collection of free technical books, and this category called ‘Knowledge’ in which you will find an abundance of information, advice and explanations in various technical and craft fields.