In this category we are going to publish different kinds of vector designs that are suitable for stencil drawing technique.

A stencil is a template, usually in the form of a thin sheet of material, such as paper, plastic, wood or metal, in which a design (pattern,motif, lettering) has been cut so that paint applied to the sheet will reproduce the design on the surface beneath. The stencil is both the resulting design and the template (intermediate object ) by which we draw. 

The great advantage of the stencil drawing technique is that one template can be repeatedly used. The design that we want to draw in stencil technique must be adapted. Since the design is cut out, it must contain closed curves only. A special case is if a design segment is found within an already cut segment. In this case, the cut section (island) is connected by a narrow section of material (bridge) with the segment that is located inside of it. Stencils have been widely used by the military to quickly and clearly label e.g. objects and vehicles, in industrial settings and all shapes and forms of street art... 

In addition, a large number of vector designs suitable for stencil technique can be found in other categories of our site. Pay special attention to the category of Scroll saw patterns, because all the designs in that category can be used for stenciling.

All the stencil designs will be available in universal vector (svg and eps) file formats, as well as in .dwg file format which is the most commonly used 2D CAD file format.

All the stencil designs that you can download here are under Creative Commons licenses. Note: Before downloading a design, check if the license permits either non-commercial (for private use only) or commercial use of the design.


This is a very  interesting Ancient Greek rectangular ornament which can be downloaded as a 2D CAD sketch or as a vector image.

If you like Arab decorative art, the arabesque frieze pattern we have offered here will surely please you.

Art Nouveau cover design that you can download here comes from an old book "The Simple Art applied to handwork".

Here you can download a simple Art Nouveau motif. The motif is square in shape and we could freely call it a floral Art Nouveau motif.

We called these patterns Art Nouveau Scroll saw Patterns, but as a decoration you can use them in many other decorating techniques as well.

On this page you can download three artisctic rose designs designs drawn in stencil technique.

Here you can download a corner border vector (see picture) called the brier stencil border vector.

Square ornamental designs taken from the ceiling of the Parthenon. Both ornaments are stencils and feature the palmette motif.

In the free vector collection which you can download here, there are 34 birds stencils.

This is a collection that contains 11 rose designs. These stencils can be used by graphic designers as a design element, or by artisans for decorating various objects.

Here we have put at your disposal a beautiful rectangular stencil design that we call the conventionalised rose design.

Here you can find a detailed stencil pattern of a Damselfly. Due to its simplicity, this stencil pattern is suitable for decorating in various techniques.

As you can see in the picture, you can download three stencil frame borders here which we have descriptively named 'Decorative floral borders'.

A complex stencil illustration that can be used in various ways and you will probably find it useful in project with an appropriate theme.

Download free "Dragon in Clouds" vector pattern, a complex but beautiful Japanese stencil.

On this page you can download vector pattern of a duck. Due to its simplicity, this vector pattern is suitable for decorating  in various techniques.

On this page you can download free pattern called Eagle marquetry pattern. Nice and simple stencil pattern.

Stencil portrait of the famous Argentine Marxist revolutionary, author, guerrilla leader and diplomat Ernesto Che Guevara.

On this page you can download the pattern called Fiery butterfly.

On this page you can download the pattern called Floral frieze design which is based on an illustration found in an old book. 

This is a large collection of floral stencil design elements. All the designs are made with stencil technique, and the main motifs are different kinds of flowers.

On this page you can download free pattern drawn in stencil technique that we named 'Flowers vector artwork'.


On this page you can download stencil portrait of the famous English writer George Orwell (1903-1950).

On this page you can download a heraldic lion design. The design is that of a rampant lion holding a flag with the Tudor Rose.

If you are a horse lover, you will surely appreciate this high-quality stencil pattern of this noble animal.

Download a pattern in the shape of the ibis bird, a sacred bird in ancient Egypt.

This is an Italian Gothic fabric pattern (1200 A.D. - Saracenic influence), a fine example of medieval decorative art.

On this page you can download a design whose main motif is the Japanese ornamental dragon.

This is an old Japanese repeating pattern that we found in an old book of textile design. The main motive of this pattern is a fish and wavy water.

On this page you can download the stencil pattern called "Japanese Stencil Plate".