Square ornaments or square designs often required for working in any of the fields of applied art, which hopefully makes this category very useful.

Hopefully, you will find a decoration that you need in our category of square ornaments,or simply feel inspired by what it is offering. Keep also in mind that square surfaces may often be nicely decorated with round designs or corner designs.

All the square ornaments will be available in universal vector file formats (.svg and .eps), as well as in .dwg file format which is the most commonly used 2D format.


Square designs are very often used for decoration, so we hope that this small collection of abstract square designs will tickle your imagination and that you will use at least one of them.

Here you can download a simple design called ‘Ancient Greek Marquetry Ornament’, created to decorate square surfaces.

Here you can download free Ancient Greek ornamental panel. The ornament can be used not only to decorate square surfaces, but will also fit into circular ones.

On this page you can download a beautiful arabesque that we named the Arabesque from the Great Mosque in Damascus.

 A set of three Art Nouveau floral designs created in 2D CAD software. The set contains two corner designs, and an Art Nouveau square design.

Here you can download a simple Art Nouveau motif. The motif is square in shape and we could freely call it a floral Art Nouveau motif.

This is a set of three Art Nouveau patterns that can be used in many ways in graphic projects as well as in handicraft.

We called these patterns Art Nouveau Scroll saw Patterns, but as a decoration you can use them in many other decorating techniques as well.

On this page you can download a simple Bouquet ornament consisting of a strip that connects curved stems with flowers and leaves.

If you need simple interlaced ornament, this square Byzantine ornament may satisfy all your requirements.

Square ornamental designs taken from the ceiling of the Parthenon. Both ornaments are stencils and feature the palmette motif.

On this page you can download the square pattern called Central niello ornament growing out into border.

 On this page you can download Chinese square ornament whose appearance can be seen in the picture.

If you need Gothic patterns, on this page we present you one that we named Cinquefoil Gothic tracery window pattern.

These are four of the Assyrian patterns that we drew from an illustration in an old book.

This is a collection of 16 interlaced square strapwork patterns drawn in a 2D CAD software and transformed into vector file format.

This is a collection that contains 9 beautiful square ornaments.

If you are engaged in embroidery craft and need a square-shaped tablecloth design (actually square-shaped border), you might like this one here that you can download in 2D CAD and vector file formats.

The square pattern that you can see in the picture was found in an old book and we named it after the inscription beneath the image of the design: Design for a linen damask napkin by Prof. C. Graft, Manufactured by Mr. J. Meyer in Dresden.

Here you can download 3 very simple square patterns that we called Designs for tessellated pavements.

On this page you can download three medieval ornaments in the English romanesque style which are intended to decorate square surface areas.

In case you need a medieval ornament, this is the right page for you! Here you can download a very nice square interlaced ornament in the French Romanesque style.

Here you can download fretwork panel designs that come from the old magazine "Amateur work".

On this page you can download simple geometric pattern that can serve as a decorative element for square surfaces.


On this page you can download a free 2D geometric tracery pattern that can serve as a decorative element for square surfaces.


The gold tooling design pattern you can see in the picture was found in an old French book whose subject matter was typography, printing, text ornamentation and bookbinding.

On this page you can download the medieval decorative pattern called Gothic ornament from Notre Dame.

On this page you can download two interlaced designs that are meant for decorating square surfaces.

The Alhambra Palace is a masterpiece of Moorish and Arabic art, and these 4 interlaced patterns are just a small part of the beauty for which this palace is known all over the world.

On this page you can download an interlacement ornament, which is based on an illustration found in an old book.