This category of our site is dedicated to ornamental signs and sign-end vector patterns.

Signs have the role of providing us with certain instructions or information (probable presence or occurrence of something else) through their text, symbols, images or any combination thereof. In other words, ‘signs’ means any type of visual graphics created to display some kind of information. Signs can be of various shapes; usually we can clearly discern a space on the sign face intended for the information that needs to be conveyed, placed within a sign border. This category will generally contain ornamental borders that you can use create your own signs. You only need to download the appropriate files, edit or modify them (if you need to) in a suitable vector or 2D CAD software, and inscribe the information desired. With our signs you can make beautiful advertisements, banners, billboards, invitations, signboards ... If you have not found a sign to your liking in this category, visit the category of Ornamental border designs that may help you find inspiration, as ornamental signs, borders and frames can be very similar. As with all other Fee patterns categories, all the vector patterns published in this one will also be under Creative Commons Attribution licenses, and there will be 2D CAD (.dwg) and vector (.svg and .eps) file formats at your disposal.


On this page you can download two artistic sign layouts. Both of them have been found in some old books and hand-traced in a 2D CAD software.


This is a collection that contains 4 decorative sign ends. All the signs are fully editable, so you can modify them to meet your design specifications.

On this page you can download an elliptical sign design with a dragon on each side.


Beautiful foliage sign layout in the Art Nouveau style which is intended to decorate vertical rectangular surface areas.

On this page you are presented with 7 sign border patterns that are suitable for laser cutting, which is why we called them ’laser cut border patterns’.

Here you can download a collection of 4 vector sign border designs suitable for laser cutting.

The lion sign design that you can download here is simple, consisting of a circle and two symmetrical lion silhouettes on both sides.


This is a collection of four ornamental sign ends. All sign ends we found in an old book, and it's a shame to be forgotten on its pages.

Here you can download beautiful ornamental sign with wings and acanthus leaves.

On this page you can download a very simple sign design which we called the Radiate ornamental sign.

On this page you can download a free 2D design that can serve as a decorative border for rectangular horizontal signs.

On this page you can download a simple frame vector that we named the Sign border vector.

On this page you can download a collection that contains 9 sign end designs.