Surfaces of rectangular shape (panels) are the most common you will need to decorate. Therefore, we have created this category for you, where you might find some appropriate rectangular design or ornament.

If this should not be the case, we hope we will at least inspire you with a certain ornament to make a similar one on your own. The collection will include designs and ornaments of various styles, motifs and degree of complexity. When choosing, pay attention to select a rectangular vector design with the appropriate height-to-width ratio, as scaling in one direction will not yield a satisfactory result i.e. the design will be deformed. All the rectangular designs that you can download here are under Creative commons attribution licenses. For those who are dealing with vector graphics, svg and eps file formats have been made available, and for those working with 2D CAD software, the designs are downloadable in dwg format.


On this page you can download an ornament that is more than a thousand years old and we named it Abstract ancient Greek ornament.

Here you can download an Acanthus ornament shown in the picture below, ornament was found in a book on architecture.

This is a very  interesting Ancient Greek rectangular ornament which can be downloaded as a 2D CAD sketch or as a vector image.

On this page you can download a beautiful design which we called the Art Nouveau cherry tree design.

Art Nouveau cover design that you can download here comes from an old book "The Simple Art applied to handwork".

This is a set of three Art Nouveau patterns that can be used in many ways in graphic projects as well as in handicraft.

On this page you can download a collection of 11 typographic decorations that we named the Art ornaments.

On this page you can download 4 ornamental book cover patterns that are hundreds of years old.

The scroll saw pattern in the picture comes from an old magazine, and since the caption below it read ‘Brass Door Plate’, we named it that way.

In the picture you can see a free floral pattern named the 'Brushwork natural form'.

Here you can download 7 patterns that named cabinet fretwork panels based on the title of the book we have found them in.

Here you can download a simple Celtic knot 2D design. The design is of rectangular shape and drawn using a grid in 2D CAD software.

For all fans of chip carving decorating technique, here we present a simple rectangular border pattern that they can use in their carving projects.

In this collection you will find 23 interlaced ornaments. All of them come from old book covers,  some of them even a few hundred years old.

In the collection which you can download here you will find 52 vertical stained glass patterns with floral motifs.

This is a collection of 85 vertical geometric stained glass patterns.

Here we have put at your disposal a beautiful rectangular stencil design that we call the conventionalised rose design.

Here you can download a very nice blackwork design that has a cushion shape.

If you need ornaments inspired by Arab or Moorish culture, these two Moorish ornaments may satisfy all your requirements.

This is a rectangular ornament with dragon motif that can easily be converted into a ornamental frieze pattern.


On this page you can download two similar ornaments that we called floral ornaments.

This is a set of 3 rectangular vector designs with floral motifs. All of them have been drawn in free vector graphics software Inkscape.

The picture shows the appearance of two scroll saw panels that are offered for download here, which may come in handy when designing fine furniture or some panels.

On this page you can download scroll saw pattern that can serve as a decorative element for rectangular horizontal surfaces of furniture components, panels, or the like.

The Alhambra Palace is a masterpiece of Moorish and Arabic art, and these 4 interlaced patterns are just a small part of the beauty for which this palace is known all over the world.

Download free decorative pattern - Interlaced Moorish decoration from the Alhambra (plasterwork, built in the Eighth Century).

The collection contains 12 interlaced ornaments and all come from ancient Russian manuscripts.

On this page you can download the stencil pattern called "Japanese Water Stencil Pattern". With it, you can make a nice decorative panel with laser cutter.

Here you will find a modern pattern dating from the early 20th century that belongs to the Art Nouveau, i.e, Vienna Secession style.

If you need a rectangular floral design full of leaves, stems and flowers drawn in stencil technique, you are at the right place! On this page you can download an appropriate design as described.