This category includes all the patterns and designs containing a famous ancient Greek decorative element/motif consisting of stylized palm leaves. It is known by the name ‘palmette’ or ‘anthemion’.

The palmette motif originated in Ancient Egypt, and later extended to the decorative arts of Ancient Greece and Rome. It was also widely used in all artistic styles inspired by classical antiquity, especially in the classicism of the Renaissance period.


On this page you can download an ornament that is more than a thousand years old and we named it Abstract ancient Greek ornament.

Here you can download a simple design called ‘Ancient Greek Marquetry Ornament’, created to decorate square surfaces.

The picture shows the appearance of frieze pattern that you can download here, which we called the ancient Greek ornament vector.

Here you can download free Ancient Greek ornamental panel. The ornament can be used not only to decorate square surfaces, but will also fit into circular ones.

This is a very  interesting Ancient Greek rectangular ornament which can be downloaded as a 2D CAD sketch or as a vector image.

Here you can download free Ancient Greek round pattern. This is a typical ancient Greek pattern that can serve you for various projects with the Antique World theme.

On this page you can download an antefix frieze pattern with a palmette ornamental motif.

Square ornamental designs taken from the ceiling of the Parthenon. Both ornaments are stencils and feature the palmette motif.

In front of you there are two ornamental metal work patterns, ready for download and use in your graphic or craft projects.

On this page you can download an ornament that we have named ‘Palmette frieze ornament’ for obvious reasons.

If you need ornament inspired by ancient Greek culture, this palmette square ornament may satisfy all your requirements.

 On this page you can download Roman frieze ornament whose main motif is the Palmette (Anthemion).