This is a collection of vector illustrations of various objects, i.e., illustrations of everything that is not alive, has a fixed shape or form, and can be seen or touched.

As we have been more dedicated to drawing decorations, this category of vectorized objects is not as big as it should be, but we promise that, over time, we will be placing more and more vector images of objects in this category. If you are interested, check back from time to time in the future, and check out what's new!


This is a large collection of decorative shelf brackets (92 bracket patterns) that can be made of wood in scroll saw technique.

On this page you can download three airplane silhouettes, suitable for various craft techniques where motifs are cut out from some material.

This is a collection of three Carrack ship laser cut patterns. All three patterns are complex and ideal for cutting with a laser cut machine.

A collection of hands from long case clocks, an old proven design that will surely add to the beauty of handmade wood clocks.

On this page you can download 9 patterns of medieval hinge plates that you can easily make at home.

Here you can find collection of five vectorized patterns intended for making traditionally inspired backplates for drop handles.

Here you can see the appearance of a vectorized illustration of an old steam locomotive that we have drawn based on its image found totally by accident.

This is a collection of 20 impossible objects drawn in a 2D CAD program and transformed into vector art format.

In the collection which you can download here, there are 10 Keyhole escutcheon patterns.

On this page you can download 2D patterns with which you can make elegant medieval hinge plates.

This is a collection of 4 laser cut designs featuring old timer cars. All four designs come from illustrations found in old magazines.

On this page, two silhouettes of  old cars are available. By cutting in wood or paper, you can make beautiful panels or wall decorations from them.

Here is a collection of 28 old car silhouettes with the help of which you can cut a very nice decorations in scroll saw technique.

This is a large collection of 67 templates that you can use for making French curves.

On this page you can download the stencil of a medieval ship whose appearance can be seen in the picture.

In front of you there are two Switch plate patterns, ready for download and use in your graphic or craft projects.

Download sword and wings stencil design, a simple design that can be used to symbolize the ability to rise above danger or protection from your guardian angel.

If you like wooden items decorated with scroll saw technique, here are 10 patterns with which you can make wall mounted scroll saw key hangers.

On this page you can download 51 different weather vane silhouette designs, out of which you will definitely find your favorite in case you decide to make an interesting roof decoration for your house.