Throughout human history, leaves and trees have often been used as a motif or decorative element on patterns and ornaments.

Here we have selected all such patterns that we have drawn. Nature, and thereby trees, are a common motif on decorations, so we hope that many artisans and graphic designers will find the right vector design in this collection.


Here you can download an Acanthus ornament shown in the picture below, ornament was found in a book on architecture.

On this page you can download a simple pattern which we called the Ancient Greek crown ornament.

On this page you can download a beautiful design which we called the Art Nouveau cherry tree design.

On this page you can download Art Nouveau frame border design. It consists of 4 corner designs arranged in each corner.

In the picture you can see a free floral pattern named the 'Brushwork natural form'.

This is a quality collection of free vector designs that contains 33 simple designs with floral motifs.

The frame border in the picture is called the conventionalized leaf border and we have drawn it in Inkscape vector software.

Design for a music rest for a grand piano pattern (Messrs - Collard and Collard) originate from the book "Modern British domestic architecture and decoration" by Charles Holme, published in 1901.

Here you can download  Fibonacci number 2D patterns. All three of them are examples of integration of mathematics and nature.

As you can see in the image, this is a collection of design elements consisting of 62 mostly simple floral vector designs.

On this page you can download a floral ornamental designs that can serve as a decorative elements for square surfaces of furniture components, façade, or the like.

Beautiful foliage sign layout in the Art Nouveau style which is intended to decorate vertical rectangular surface areas.

If you need a foliate ceiling ornament, you have come to the right place where you are offered to download two very beautiful frame border ornaments with foliate motifs:

The gold tooling design pattern you can see in the picture was found in an old French book whose subject matter was typography, printing, text ornamentation and bookbinding.

If you need free vector patterns inspired by Art nouveau style, these three grape frieze patterns may satisfy all your requirements.

Here you can download a simple border that has been created with 4 corner patterns.

On this page you can download two illustrations featuring the grapes motif. Both are carefully drawn and simply painted.

On this page you can download the stencil pattern called "Japanese Stencil Plate".

If you need a rectangular floral design full of leaves, stems and flowers drawn in stencil technique, you are at the right place! On this page you can download an appropriate design as described.


Here we present to you an elegant repeating pattern that we called nature-inspired repeating pattern.

On this page you can download a very nice vector pattern whose primary motif is the popular flower Petunia.

Here you can download an elegant frame border descriptively named the picture border for book cover.

On this page you can download the repeating design that we found in the old book.

Here you can download a 2D pattern that looks like tree roots, which is why we named it the Roots Pattern.

On this page you can download the design called "Scroll Saw Design Founded on the Wild Rose", a perfect design to try out on your laser cutter.

Here you can download vector and 2D CAD files containing a drawn square leaf pattern that you can see in the picture.

On this page you can download the simple stencil of conventionalized trees, which is based on an illustration found in an old book.

On this page you can download two patterns that are suitable for the decorating technique of wood marquetry, addressing the floral theme.

Here you can download a repeating design found in an old book full of various Art Nouveau designs.

Here you can download two wreath ornamental decorations drawn while mastering 2D CAD software.