Here we present to you a subset of repeating patterns called ‘lattice patterns’.

There are two types of patterns in this category that are drawn in a very similar way, but can have different purposes. The first type are repeating patterns that are drawn using a simple grid, and the second type are patterns with which you can create latticework.


If you need a simple repeating pattern suitable for the decoration technique of chip carving in wood, take a look at this one presented here, it may meet your criteria.

On this page you can download free Cairo pentagonal tiling pattern. Pentagons are not regular pentagons, their sides are different lengths.

Here you can download a simple but elegant repeating pattern that,  throughout history, has been used by other peoples, too, not just the Celts.

This is a collection of six repeating patterns suitable for the chip carving decorating technique.

Here you can download a simple flowing diaper pattern, a simple but interesting lattice pattern.

Here you can download a simple but elegant interlaced oriental repeating pattern, a fine example of Arabic decorative art.

In the picture below you can see a free pattern named the Interlaced Saracenic repeating pattern.

The picture shows the appearance of two architectural patterns that you can download here, which we called the Oriental lattice patterns.

On this page we present to you a collection of 37 parquet flooring patterns that have been found on the pages of various old books and magazines.

On this page you are offered a simple pattern called the ’repeating 2D pattern with interlacing straps’. The pattern is very similar to a wooden lattice.

This is a large collection of repeating stained glass patterns. With these patterns, you can make a very nice decorative stained glass panels.

On this page you can download 6 patterns that we named Vectorized Moorish mosaics.