This is a collection of vectorized heraldic motifs that we have found in different old books or coats of arms.

Heraldry is an auxiliary science of history that studies coats of arms. Although the first heraldic rules date back to the Middle Ages, heraldry did not become an independent auxiliary science of history until the 19th century. If we describe a coat of arms using professional heraldic language, every good heraldist is able to draw its approximate representation according to the textual description. This description is called blazon and it is quite simple, but you need to know the terminology which is a mixture of French, English and Latin. All the heraldic designs in this collection can be downloaded in a 2D CAD (dwg) or vector (eps and svg) file formats. We'd love to see what you create using our heraldic designs and have your work featured in our Showroom gallery.


This is a useful collection of heraldic animal design elements drawn in a 2D CAD software and transformed into vector format.

In the collection which you can download here, there are 16 Fleur-de-lis designs, a popular design element, motif and historical symbol.

This is a rectangular ornament with dragon motif that can easily be converted into a ornamental frieze pattern.


On this page you can download a heraldic design element with the main motif of a griffin mythological creature.

On this page you can download a heraldic lion design. The design is that of a rampant lion holding a flag with the Tudor Rose.

This collection contains 36 shields which have been drawn on the basis of medieval coats of arms found in old books on heraldry.


The lion sign design that you can download here is simple, consisting of a circle and two symmetrical lion silhouettes on both sides.


Here you can download a pattern with the help of which you can cut a very nice wood panel in scroll saw technique.

This is a collection of scroll shields that we found in an old book. We can often see similar shields on various coats of arms.

Download sword and wings stencil design, a simple design that can be used to symbolize the ability to rise above danger or protection from your guardian angel.

On this page you can download two designs in the form of Tudor roses that we have drawn on the basis of illustrations found in the old book.