If you want to beautify your furniture with some decorations, for this purpose we have placed the most suitable patterns, ornaments and patterns right here in this collection of vector images.

There are various furniture decorating techniques such as scroll saw, marquetry, painting, etc., and it’s up to you to choose a pattern that is suitable for the decorating technique you want to apply. Here you are offered just the vector patterns for decorating furniture that we have thought to be suitable, so if you haven’t found the pattern you are looking for, we recommend that you  search the other categories of vector decorations on this website, as there are many more patterns at your disposal. If you happen to be interested in furniture plans as well, please visit our “Furniture Plans” page where you can find a large number of projects to help you make all kinds of furniture pieces.


In front of you is a very beautiful arch-shaped pattern, originally intended for marquetry wood panel decorating technique.

Here you can download 7 patterns that named cabinet fretwork panels based on the title of the book we have found them in.

This vectorized circular ornament here is called the center table marquetry pattern. The ornament is classic in appearance and is definitely more than 150 years old.

This is a large collection consisting of 63 patterns intended for everyone who wants to make antique-style finger plates.

Design for a music rest for a grand piano pattern (Messrs - Collard and Collard) originate from the book "Modern British domestic architecture and decoration" by Charles Holme, published in 1901.

On this page you can download 9 patterns of medieval hinge plates that you can easily make at home.

Here you can find collection of five vectorized patterns intended for making traditionally inspired backplates for drop handles.

This is a collection of 7 chip carving patterns with animals as their main motif (the picture shows which animals exactly – a horse, rooster, dove and fish).

Here are two patterns we have named furniture scroll saw designs as they come from furniture photos in some old books.

The picture shows the appearance of two scroll saw panels that are offered for download here, which may come in handy when designing fine furniture or some panels.

On this page you can download scroll saw pattern that can serve as a decorative element for rectangular horizontal surfaces of furniture components, panels, or the like.

On this page you can download the so-called inlay ornament. It derives its name from a book with the theme of wood inlay.

The inlay table pattern that you can download here is found on a tabletop dating from the Middle Ages.

In the collection which you can download here, there are 10 Keyhole escutcheon patterns.

If you need to decorate a piece of furniture with marquetry, maybe this ornamental design is the right solution for that.

On this page you can download 2D patterns with which you can make elegant medieval hinge plates.

We found a picture of these two beautiful patterns in an old book and named them Ornamental Cabinet Patterns based on what was written in the caption below.

On this page you can download a round border ornament that was found in an old book where it was described to decorate tablecloths.

If you happen to be a lover of the scroll saw technique that wants to build a 2-tier corner shelf, here you can find 17 high quality shelf bracket patterns of extremely beautiful antique design.

As you can see in the picture, we have put at your disposal a frame pattern suitable for scroll saw technique.

If you need a free pattern suitable for scroll saw technique, on this page we have provided one named 'Scroll saw vector pattern'.

If you need a free pattern for decorating with marquetry technique, on this page we have provided one named table marquetry decoration.

In the picture above you can see a free pattern named the vectorized furniture scroll saw pattern.