Flowers are among the most common motifs on patterns and ornaments, so it is logical that we have formed this collection of vector illustrations with the flower motif as the main or secondary motif.

As you can see in the pictures, here are various types of flower patterns: stencils of flowers, floral ornaments, stylized flower patterns, flower illustrations... This category is dedicated to flowers as a motif, but we believe that you will probably want to also have a look at floral vector illustrations.


Here we have put at your disposal a beautiful floral design that we call the Art Nouveau tulip design.

On this page you can download three artisctic rose designs designs drawn in stencil technique.

Here is a collection of 3 Chinese flower designs  which can be downloaded in vector and 2D CAD file formats.

If you need to decorate a circular or square surface with a Chinese-style floral ornament, you’ve come to the right place!

This is a collection that contains 11 rose designs. These stencils can be used by graphic designers as a design element, or by artisans for decorating various objects.

Here we have put at your disposal a beautiful rectangular stencil design that we call the conventionalised rose design.

If you need a simple Damask rose design, feel free to download it on this page. The design was created based on an illustration discovered in an old magazine.

On this page you are offered a design called the Floral vignette. This is a very simple, yet beautiful floral vignette.

On this page you can download the design called Flower bouguet design. A very nice design depicting a bouquet of flowers in a wicker basket.


This is a set of 3 rectangular vector designs with floral motifs. All of them have been drawn in free vector graphics software Inkscape.

On this page you can download free pattern drawn in stencil technique that we named 'Flowers vector artwork'.


If you need a rectangular floral design full of leaves, stems and flowers drawn in stencil technique, you are at the right place! On this page you can download an appropriate design as described.


On this page you can download a simple vector that we named the 'Morning glory frame border'.

On this page you can download a very nice vector pattern whose primary motif is the popular flower Petunia.

If you need a quality pattern depicting a Rosa indica, this is the right place for you!

If you are embarking on embroidery and looking for a pattern that you can practice on, then this rose pattern might be the right one for you.

The design you see in the picture is called ‘Rose Repeating Design’, and it is a typical example of how a simple design can be turned into a more complex one.

Here you can download vectorized stencil design of the harebell flower.

This is a collection of stencil patterns whose main motif, obviously, is a basket full of colorful flowers.

On this page you can download two designs in the form of Tudor roses that we have drawn on the basis of illustrations found in the old book.