In this category, various ornaments, patterns and designs are placed that have one thing in common - being arch-shaped.

Arch-shaped decorations are most commonly found in architecture (mostly medieval), on furniture, stained glass, etc. This is a small collection, since the use of such ornaments is not so common any more. However, the need for arch-shape patterns arises from time to time, and that is why we have created this special collection and offered them here to you.


On this page you can download 18 arch stained glass patterns.


In front of you is a very beautiful arch-shaped pattern, originally intended for marquetry wood panel decorating technique.

Here you can download a large collection of simple design elements called “Gothic Tracery Design Elements” as they consist of gothic tracery patterns.

This is an arch-shaped floral ornament suitable for painting, carving, marquetry i.e. for a large number of decorating techniques.

To all lovers of Turkish (Ottoman) decorative art, three very beautiful Turkish ornaments are presented on this page.