Here you can find a large number of vector illustrations classified in categories that can be seen below the text.

In this vector collection you can find a large number of patterns, designs, ornaments, illustrations, silhouettes, stencils, i.e., many different vector illustrations which you can use in your work. In addition to vector file formats (.eps and .svg), you will also have 2D CAD (.dwg) file format available for download.

We are no graphic designers, and we don’t sell any vectors, i.e., our goal is to draw as many quality vectors as possible and offer them to you to download. For this reason, we generally don’t pay much attention to the coloring of our patterns and designs. Therefore, most of the vector designs that you can download here have been painted very simply. All of the vector illustrations available here are free of charge for personal use, and if you want to use them commercially, check for each vector whether its license permits you to do that.


In this category, various ornaments, patterns and designs are placed that have one thing in common - being arch-shaped.

Of all the patterns we have drawn over the years, we have singled out the ones we think are most appropriate to use for decoration in architecture, and from which we have created this interesting collection of vector patterns.

This is a collection of patterns, designs and ornaments featuring various bird species as their main or secondary motif.

This category of vector illustrations is called “Book Decorations”, because we have placed a large number of different patterns in it, found on the pages of different books in the form of decorations.

Collection of free vectorized corner patterns, designs, ornaments...

Here you can download a large number of vectorized designs elements and choose the one that suits you best.

This is a collection of vector patterns of famous people from around the world who have left a significant mark in the history of mankind.

Flowers are among the most common motifs on patterns and ornaments, so it is logical that we have formed this collection of vector illustrations with the flower motif as the main or secondary motif.

In this pattern collection you can find a large number of frames, whereby the term ‘frames’ means enclosing borders that aim to make the surrounding objects more beautiful and attractive.

In this category you can download a large number of frieze patterns and ornaments. Frieze patterns are one of the most common types of decorative patterns.

If you want to beautify your furniture with some decorations, for this purpose we have placed the most suitable patterns, ornaments and patterns right here in this collection of vector images.

Large collection of decorative geometric patterns. All the patterns are precisely drawn in 2D CAD software and transformed into vector file formats.

Here we present to you a very interesting collection of vector illustrations called “Grotesques & Creatures”.

This is a collection of vectorized heraldic motifs that we have found in different old books or coats of arms.

This is a large collection of vector illustrations in which we have placed various patterns that can be considered historical.

If you need a vector pattern where Man appears as the main or secondary motif, search this collection, perhaps some of our free vector patterns may suit you.

If you need a vector illustration of an insect, check out this pattern collection of ours – it contains all the patterns we have drawn that have an insect as their primary or secondary motif.

Here we present to you a subset of repeating patterns called ‘lattice patterns’.

Throughout human history, leaves and trees have often been used as a motif or decorative element on patterns and ornaments.

This category is called “Lions & Cats” containing, judging by its very name, vector images of different types of cats: both domestic (pet) cats and wild cats such as lions, jaguars, cougars, panthers, etc.

If you need vectorized illustrations of mammals, i.e., animals we commonly see around, you can download them in this category.

In this category we will be publishing a variety of interesting mathematical patterns, diagrams, curves etc.

Most of the vectorized moulding profiles that will be available here are intended to decorate and/or finish room surfaces or pieces of furniture.

This is a collection of vector illustrations of various objects, i.e., illustrations of everything that is not alive, has a fixed shape or form, and can be seen or touched.

This category includes all the patterns and designs containing a famous ancient Greek decorative element/motif consisting of stylized palm leaves. It is known by the name ‘palmette’ or ‘anthemion’.

Surfaces of rectangular shape (panels) are the most common you will need to decorate. Therefore, we have created this category for you, where you might find some appropriate rectangular design or ornament.

Ornaments drawn in the Renaissance-style can be found in this category of vector illustrations.

If you are working on banners, invitation cards, backdrops, postcards, etc., then this collection of ribbon vectors is just what you are looking for!

This category of vector designs has been created to make it easier for you to find appropriate round designs and ornaments or even get inspired to create your own.

In this category you will find various ornaments, designs and patterns which all have something in common - some kind of scroll decorative element.

In this vector collection, all lovers of old ornaments and heraldry can find patterns with a shield being either their main motif or a design element.

This category of our site is dedicated to ornamental signs and sign-end vector patterns.

On this page a large number of silhouettes are available that can be downloaded and used in your grahic or craft projects.

Square ornaments or square designs often required for working in any of the fields of applied art, which hopefully makes this category very useful.

In this category you can find a large number of vectorized stained glass patterns.

In this category we are going to publish different kinds of vector designs that are suitable for stencil drawing technique.

Here is a collection of vector illustrations of various symbols. There are many types of symbols, so we decided to draw a large number of them, group them together, and offer them in the form of this collection of vector illustrations.

This collection contains ’tessellation patterns’, i.e., patterns intended for plane tiling (the process of fitting geometric shapes to cover a flat surface, without overlapping or leaving gaps).


Anyone who is in need for some patterns suitable for making tiles or mosaics will be pleased to find here our selection of patterns designed for this purpose.

It is often the case that we draw a large number of similar patterns and then make a collection from them. Here you can see all the vector patterns collections that we have drawn so far.

If you need patterns with Woman being the main motif, look carefully at this collection of free vector illustrations as some may suit your requirements.