In this category of our website you can find various kinds of application and system software classified by the categories, so we recommend you to check what we’ve collected for you.

Software can be classified into the application software and the system software. There is also a category of programming software, but this kind of software will not be included into our free software category. The term application software (or only „application“) stands for the computer software which exploits the computer resources to perform a specific task required by the end user. Application software consists of all programs that use the capabilities of computers to address diverse customer needs in a business or home use. The application software includes various programs such as web browsers, text processors, media players, databases... System software is computer software designed to operate the computer hardware and to provide a platform for running application software. System software manages the computer system at a low level. Unlike the application software, which most of the end users use every day, the end users rarely interact with the systems software. The system software are operating systems, utility software, drivers and BIOS.

To you as the user this means that the ability to perform a desired action on your computer depends on whether you have installed application software that has a programmed ability to complete that action, and whether your hardware will understand what the referred application software orders to do – it depends on the systems software.

To start the computer and install any application software, at the very beginning when you buy a PC you will need to install the operating system and drivers to suit your hardware.

The drivers are free and you get them when purchasing the hardware or download them for free online from the hardware manufacturer’s website. You can buy the operating system, but there are also some free ones.

For a daily computer work you need to install a large number of applications that perform different wanted tasks on your computer. These applications can be bought, but there are also some free applications which are programmed by enthusiasts and released for the users for free.



If you know about some good application software which successfully replaced commercial application software and you have an excellent experience with it, feel free to send us a link and we will publish it.