Plan for the garden coach plan holder in front of you, is a scale version of the farm vintage wheeled vehicle, drawn by horses in some regions of Austria-Hungary in 18th and 19th century. 

The coach was given the name of Maria Theresa, the most famous and capable ruler of the Habsburg Monarchy. We got the inspiration for the drawing from our childhood memory - an old wooden coach that grandfather used when we were kids. The construction of the vehicle has been preserved well enough to allow us to make its reduced model. Carriages like these in full size today represent interesting decorations in yards, ethno houses and restaurants all over Europe. We have decided to offer one to you in reduced size, adjusted to (not only) women to keep their flower pots on it and thus decorate their yards, patios, terraces, etc.


Garden coach plant holder Theresia plan
Project type
Project difficulty
Skill level
for intermediate experienced woodworker
Level of workshop equipment
Hobby – Hand tools, power tools and machines
Applied woodworking joints
Mortise and tenon joint
Round mortise and tenon joint
Butt joint reinforced with dowels
End lap joint for circular work
Notched joint


Buy the 3D model of this project: Garden carriage plant holder 3D model (By purchasing the 3D model, you gain the right to manufacture and sell products made using this plan.)



2160mm (85.04'') x 918mm (36.14'') x 704mm (27.74'')


Perhaps this project seems to be a complex one, but if you look at the drawings you will find that it consists of many parts the making of which actually does not require too much effort since they are of rather simple shapes. The woodworking joints in the project are not too complex, therefore you will need an averagely equipped workshop, basic knowledge of woodworking, as well as your goodwill to persevere and be precise on this project. Eventually you will be rewarded for your efforts by getting a beautiful decorative garden coach in your yard; the photos we took in our backyard will serve you as additional motivation. Such a beautiful garden decoration demands of you to find the right place for it and choose some flowerpots with beautiful flowers, and that is all! Any mistake is almost impossible to make! 


Exploded view and parts list
Garden coach plant holder - Sub-assembly list
Assembly drawing
Garden coach plant holder - Main assembly drawing

In order to make it easier for you, we have divided the entire assembly into 8 sub-assemblies. 

  1. Wheel

  2. Base

  3. Bottom

  4. Side

  5. Back side

  6. Front side

  7. Joint

  8. Side mirror

For each sub-assembly, we have prepared the drawings of each part, the drawing of the sub-assembly, its exploded view and the parts list. The plan also contains a drawing of the main assembly of the coach and its exploded view. All the necessary dimensions and views to understand and follow the instructions during the assembly process are given on each of the drawings. 

This is a big project which, regardless of the type of wood used and the finish applied, should be protected from weather impacts and put aside to prevent the rotting of wood and thus make it more durable. Exposure to short-term summer rains is not as much a problem as long-lasting rain or weather conditions with temperatures below zero. If you place the carriage in the open air during summer, we recommend that you put some bricks (or the like) beneath the wheels as these will separate the wheels from the ground and allow faster draining of water and drying. 


Finished garden coach plant holder 

Finished garden coach plant holder 1

Finished garden coach plant holder 2

Finished garden coach plant holder 3

Finished garden coach plant holder 1
Finished garden coach plant holder 2
Finished garden coach plant holder 3

The coach can be completely disassembled into the mentioned sub-assemblies, so it can be easily moved. In addition, the wheels are fully functional and there is no need to disassemble it in order to be able to take a ride (or pull, push or turn it aside). 

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Submitted by Ceh Jan