The Free metalworking and woodworking projects category is dedicated to people who find pleasure in making various useful things from wood or metal.

Every single man that has done something with his own hands knows what a great satisfaction it is to look at a finished assembly. That satisfaction comes out from the quality time he spent, applying of knowledge and experience, overcoming many challenges and obstacles that emerge during the manufacture and also from the fact that he made some useful thing with his own hands and does not have to buy it. People are much more attached to the things that they made by themselves than to the industrial products, even if their own handwork is usually simpler. And because of that pleasure, here we are offering you the free metalworking and woodworking plans for manufacturing various items, regardless whether they are rarity in the market or common everyday objects – from a completely simple to quite complex ones. It was our pleasure to make these plans for you and we are glad when we receive e-mails in which you are asking for advice, writing your opinions, giving us ideas for the new plans or suggestions for improving the existing ones.

We made an effort to make free plans for manufacturing versatile items for you, but we have to emphasize that the most attractive objects for us have always been the kinds of objects that can be rarely found on the market offering, the antique items that we bring out of oblivion, because they were pushed out from usage by modern industry, educative children toys and puzzles... All those things that emphasize the essential quality in life.


This category of the website is dedicated to animal lovers. Here you will find free projects that will help you to make animal feeders, cages for breeding insects, aquariums, kennels, bird houses and the like.

In this category you will find a number of art and craft equipment and accessories projects, which you can make by yourself or have a craftsman make them for you.

If you are into woodworking, you can make a large number of quality wooden baby accessories; this category of our site is intended to help you with it and to inspire you.

 In this category we will publish free plans for making fitness equipment and machines (machines for strength training, weight training...).

In this category of our website you can find a number of furniture plans which are suitable for both experienced woodworkers and beginners, and also for different types of woodworking courses.

This category of our site contains free plans for making various garden furniture and accessories.

In this category of our website we offer free DIY projects to help you make wooden and metal jigs, fixtures and clamps.

On this page you can download a large number of free plans that can help you make kids toys (construction toys, educational toys, games, skill toys...).

There are a number of kitchen utensils you can make yourselves of wood or metal; this category of projects can make the job a lot easier or give you helpful ideas.

We are offering you free plans for the several different types of the hand-held wooden massagers, such as the wooden foot massagers, wooden back massagers, wooden handle massagers...

Here you can find various free plans for puzzles of different shapes, sizes, number of parts and solving difficulty.

This category of our website contains office accessories plans for desktops, wall organization, and working space enhancements.

Purpose of this category is to offer the plans to make various park equipment, intended mainly for the passive recreational parks.

Our playground equipment plans are intended for all the people with good will to make a special children's corner, where the children will spend time together and play, while parents could relax and socialize while supervising children.

In our Scale model plans category we will mainly publish the amateur scale model plans, which will be customized both for the beginners and experienced model makers (modelers, modellers).

If you want to make a wooden box, the plans for making boxes in this collection can serve you as inspiration, or you can try to make one of them on your own.

In our Wrought iron category we recommend you free projects for various useful and decorative items such as plant holders, wall shelves, candlesticks, easels etc.

Searching internet for the high quality plans can be a real challenge. Because of it, we decided to gather some of the best free DIY plans from internet and to publish them on this page.

This is a collection of free projects that should help you recycle various types of waste from your workshop by making useful items out of it.

In this section of our website you can find free projects for the hand tools that you can make by yourself.

The individual manufacture of various useful or decorative items is not just a hobby. It is a considerable money saver, because the prices of commercial products include much more than the cost of invested work and material. When you make something by yourself, you pay attention to the quality of production and all the details and necessary elements so that the items that you make have higher quality and are cheaper than industrially made products.
Any experienced woodworker or metalworker will agree that one of the most important things about successful manufacturing of some project is the quality of plan. The quality metalworking or woodworking plan will show you everything you need to create some object, it will save your time and material and in most cases it will reduce the number of mistakes that can occur during the work. Manufacturing products out of wood or metal without previously prepared and studied plans is considered to be a bad practice, and it can often end in failure. In general, some more challenging projects can not be finished successfully without the plan. Even the most experienced craftsman will put his ideas on the paper first, because he knows that this way the realization of whole project will go much faster and easier.

Every good metalworking and woodworking plan will also help you to:

  • save your time and money by reducing mistakes that can happen during the work. If you put the plan on a visible place in your workshop, you can have a quick look each time you stumble upon a problem during the work and thus prevent the mistakes.
  • make some more complex projects by the plans that haven’t been made by you, but you have received them from a friend, downloaded from the internet or saw in some book, which is very important for beginners.
  • become more organized during the work, because with a good plan it will be much easier to organize the operations of manufacturing parts, order the material, perform final assembly montage, etc.
  • make quick changes within the plan – which means to adjust plan to your dimensions, make creative or functional changes in the product design, change the parts’ layout so you can make them easily on the machines that are available to you, etc.
  • save the plan after the project realization, so it could be on your disposal if it become necessary to do the project restoration, to make an identical or similar project, share the plan with friend...

This category of our site contains a large number of  free metalworking and free woodworking plans that are suitable for both beginners and experienced craftsmen. Each plan that we have published contains the basic text on the product purpose, product image, exploded view with parts list, detailed assembly drawing with characteristic dimensions of assembly, detailed and precise drawings of each part, drawing with separated standard parts and detailed step-by-step instruction for assemblage in words and pictures. Our metalworking and woodworking plans are made according to basic rules of technical drawing. If you are not familiar with reading technical drawings, you can find additional information in the category Mechanical drawing books.

Unlike the metalworking and woodworking plans that you can buy on the internet, our plans do not contain instructions about how to make certain parts, nor we suggest which tools or machines should be used. This could make things more difficult for beginners, but the experienced craftsmen do not need such instructions. Our plans allow you to be creative and make the project in the way that is the most suitable to you. By analyzing the plan you will decide by yourself how will you manufacture the parts and use machines and tools that you have. Rationalizing the process of manufacturing and adjusting the project to your technical possibilities allows you to leave your own mark on this work. We think that very important for woodworking and metalworking are knowledge, experience and creativity, which can be obtained by solving the problems on your own. If you are using and following the plans that give precise intructios for each step, it disables your creativity and reduce your work mainly to physical (not much intellectual) activity. To the less experienced craftsmen we offer a large number of plans for making simpler projects that don’t require complex tools and great experience. And by making that kind of plans you will gradually get the experience to enter the world of manufacturing more and more complex projects.

For educational purpose and practical information we have made categories Free technical books and Knowledge. Besides that, there are some very good websites, forums and videos on YouTube, where you can find useful information about using the tools, machines, jigs and fixtures. If you would like to share your ways of making projects by the plans from our website, or if you have some important notes about our projects, you can send pictures with explanations to us and we will publish it as an addition to specific plan or within a Showroom category.

We recommend the beginners to start with the most simple plans and gradually make it into more complex projects. It is also recommended for beginners not to choose plan that require using machines and tools that they do not have. And to those experienced craftsmen we can only suggest to be as creative as they can and also try to improve our projects when it comes to design and functionality, which will lead to greater pleasure of manufacturing projects.

One can become good woodworker or metalworker only through work and experience, but the most important thing for the beginner is to learn precise measuring and using various hand and power tools, to be patient and careful and always think about work safety.

As the uncompromising nature lovers, we will always ask you to think through before you buy some expensive type of exotic tropical wood – do you really need that exact type of wood. In our free woodworking plans we will not recommend usage of these types of wood, because their beauty in our homes could at the same time mean the extinction of particular plant species due to overharvesting large areas of natural forests, or extinction of some animal species that cannot survive without the forest they live in. We will always recommend the types of wood, which have suitable characteristics for objects manufacture by our plans and which are not on the list of endangered species. So, we recommend usage of adequate types of local trees, when you are certain that they are not endangered and they are grown in plantations.

The measurements within project plans are given both in millimeters and inches (in brackets).