In this category of our website we have gathered a large number of free or public domain books on woodworking and we classified them into the thematic categories.

In order to become a good woodworker, besides tools, machinery and a workshop, you also need to possess knowledge and experience. You can acquire knowledge by learning, and for this you will need a good teacher, but also some woodworking books. Woodworking books will help you to extend the knowledge acquired in the workshop, and to find useful advices and proper examples on how to master the woodworking techniques. Almost every good woodworker has his own collection of woodworking books, out of which he learned some skills and which helped him to learn a large number of woodworking techniques - instead to learn on his own mistakes. Experience cannot be taught out of the books, but most of the books include some free woodworking plans to choose from and practice verified constructions that suit your experience.

You can borrow woodworking books from the library, buy it in the bookstore, or you can purchase it online. There are many good books that will certainly save your time as well as money. But today there is another source of many free woodworking books – the old scanned books with expired copyright, and these books can be downloaded from the internet. There are high-quality woodworking books, from which you can read numerous articles on woodworking techniques, hand tools, woodworking joint, finishing, free woodworking plans... In this category of our website we have gathered a large number of free or public domain woodworking books and we classified them into the thematic categories:



As you can see, we presented almost all woodworking categories, and we are sure that you will find a large amount of information you need for your work in these books. If your knowledge is sufficient enough to be a successful woodworker, or it is not your style to learn from the books, download these books anyway, because they are full of free woodworking plans and we are hoping that you will find many woodworking projects that will stir your imagination. In these books you can also find out what woodworking looked like a hundred years ago, which techniques were used then, and what knowledge the carpenters possessed at that time. These woodworking books are also crucial for the restorers of old wooden objects and furniture, because they can find plenty of information about the construction and finishing methods in specific time in the past.

If you are satisfied with our collection of free woodworking books, please send us a link, if you come across an interesting book during web surfing. Doing so, you will help others, and the others will help you, because the next time you visit this page, you will probably find a large number of new woodworking books in our categories.

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