In this category of our website we have gathered a large number of free or public domain books on mechanics and we classified them into the thematic categories.

Mechanics is the oldest and largest of the basic branches of physics. Mechanics is the science that studies the behavior of material bodies and the interaction between them when exposed to forces or movements. The basic laws of mechanics have been known for hundreds of years, so the newly published books on the fundamentals of mechanics are very similar to old books. There is a large number of scanned old books on the Internet in various areas studied by mechanics. We have done our best to collect as many such books as possible, classify them by area and offer them to you on this page for free download. We have sorted the books into the basic areas of mechanics (statics, kinematics i dynamics), and to help you find the information you need more efficiently, we have sorted the books into several specific areas, such as mechanisms, strength of materials, machine design, etc.

Although most books are at least 100 years old, they are full of quality content that explains the basic laws of mechanics and many examples to help you learn mechanics more easily. These books are intended for students, engineers, teachers, professors, as well as all people interested in mechanics. We have checked all the books in this collection for quality, and by clicking on the link you will either be able to download the book or read it online.