In this category of our website we have gathered a large number of free or public domain Art and Craft books and we classified them into the thematic categories.

Today, there is a large number of quality scanned old books on the Internet that can be downloaded or read online for free. On this page you can find collections of old books that focus on art and various crafts. Over time, we will be releasing new collections of  old books here, so when you have the time, feel free to visit this page to see if we have published any new collections in your area of ​​interest. The basics of various crafts and artistic techniques have been known for hundreds of years, and therefore these books, although more than a century old, have similar content to new books. The only difference is that there are no color images in these books because it would have been too expensive to print them at the time. So many people on the planet engage in various arts and crafts, both professionally and out from hobby, and that is why we believe that these old books will help a great many of you perfect your knowledge and skills. The books are equally intended for artisans and novice artists, as well as professionals. To be able to access them, select one of the collections and click on it. You will be presented with a page where you can choose one of the books. By clicking on the book you have selected, a page will open where you can find all the information  about the book, read it online or download it. We recommend PDF or DjVu file format for download. Of course, in order to open them on your computer, you must have a PDF or DjVu viewer installed. As you can see, accessing these old art and craft books is very easy, and we are certain that anyone interested in some form of art or craft will find a lot of useful information in these books!