Free technical books category on our website contain many links to free books and public domain books from various reference websites; we try to publish only the best free technical books available on the Internet.

Information and knowledge are among the most valuable things that you can own today. In the modern times of the commercialization it is just too hard to find the complete and right information and instructions about anything that can be used to create some new values. Even when you watch some TV show or read a newspaper article about making something, in the end you realize that you did not receive all the necessary information, and that the article was there just to advertise some new product. It has become hard to buy a book that will offer you a complete knowledge and explanations about certain field of interest. They are mostly just full of fabulous photos and graphics, almost without useful text. And then you ask yourself “where have all the good times gone”, the times when you could really learn from the books, the times without so many advertisements...

This category of our website offers a great collection with over 700 titles (and still expanding) of old technical books that had only one goal when they were written and that is to offer the reader as much information, explanations and knowledge as possible, and to qualify him for some new jobs. These technical books date from a period when the books were written by the true experts, in order to preserve and transfer knowledge, and not by some self-declared writers whose only goal is the great number of sold copies, sponsors and earning. The books that we offer you here have been published more than 80 years ago.  The numerous science and crafts basics have remained the same for centuries and have not been significantly changed. We can rather say that they have been extended by developing the new technologies. The age of these books proves their quality, because they were printed before the time of commercialization, when money was not spent on the junk releases.

Free technical books and public domain technical books are great way for expanding your knowledge in various fields without additional costs. You can find many free books and public domain books on the internet, and in time it will be more and more difficult to find just what you need among the countless existing titles. Therefore, we have made an effort to carefully select the books that we offer related to the thematic fields of our website, and that the quality of the books published on our website is high.

In this category we will publish free books and public domain books from all the areas related to science, technology and craftsmanship. So far we have covered many areas, so you can download:



Through these technical books you can get not only a large number of the new information – they are kind of a window to the history and knowledge of our grandfathers and ancestors.
 We hope that you will find plenty of information in the Free books published on our website. We ask you to help us in expanding this category by sending us links for a high quality technical and the craftsmanship free books and public domain books that you found on the Internet, and we will publish them.